The ski season is coming: Focusun snowmaking system leads industry innovation

As the cold winter is approaching, ski enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to the white snowflakes covering the mountain ridges, and ski resort operators are busy preparing to welcome a new round of tourist peaks. In this industry, snow quality and quantity are key factors that determine the success of a ski resort. This ski season, Focusun’s high-temperature snowmaking system will be a helpful assistant for ski resorts, providing high-quality, environmentally friendly snow that meets ski snow quality requirements.

The unique feature of the Focusun high-temperature snowmaking system is that it can operate normally at high temperatures up to 35°C, creating endless possibilities for ski enthusiasts. This means you can enjoy ultimate skiing fun at any time, whether in the cold mountains or the warm plains.

The system includes four main parts: containerized ice machine (tube ice or flake ice machine), containerized ice storage, powder snow machine and snow sprayer.

The first is the containerized ice machine, which is one of the core components of Focusun’s high-temperature snowmaking system. Through advanced refrigeration technology, the ice machine can quickly produce high-quality ice cubes or ice flakes in high-temperature environments, providing sufficient snow resources for ski resorts.

Next is the container-type ice storage, which plays an important role in storing and preserving snowflakes. After the ice machine creates ice cubes or flakes, the ice storage bin stores them so they are ready for powder and snow blowers when needed.

The powder machine is another key component in Focusun’s high-temperature snowmaking system. It grinds stored ice cubes or ice flakes into fine snow powder, and then sprays it on the ski slopes with air pressure and wind force to form a solid and comfortable snow slope surface.

Finally, there is the snow spray machine, which is responsible for spraying snowflakes evenly on the entire ski slope to ensure that every inch of the ski area is fully covered and provides skiers with a smooth sliding experience.

The launch of the Focusun high-temperature snowmaking system will completely change the way the ski season operates, allowing skiers to no longer be restricted by temperature conditions and enjoy skiing anytime and anywhere. Ski resort operators no longer need to worry about the impact of climate change on ski resorts. Even in high temperature conditions, it can provide tourists with the best skiing experience. This not only increases the operational stability of the ski resort, but also brings more fun to ski enthusiasts.

In general, the Focusun high-temperature snowmaking system is a disruptive product that changes the dependence of traditional ski resorts on weather and makes skiing a sport that can be performed under any weather conditions. Whether in the cold mountains or the warm plains, the Focusun high-temperature snowmaking system can bring skiers the ultimate skiing experience.