High-temperature Snowmaking Technology: Unlocking New Possibilities for Snowmaking in All Seasons

Traditional snowmaking methods are limited by seasons and ambient temperature, but now, with the development of high-temperature snowmaking technology, ski resort managers can make snow at any time and any place. This article will introduce the Focusun high-temperature snowmaking machine, as well as its principles, characteristics and advantages.

With the popularity of winter sports and the rise of ice and snow tourism, ski resort managers have been seeking innovative snowmaking solutions to meet the challenges of climate change and customer needs. In this field, Focusun is leading a new wave of technology – high-temperature snowmaking technology.

Focusun high-temperature snowmaking technology adopts an innovative method to crush flake ice or tube ice through a crusher and then transport it through a snow blower. This method can make snow at a high temperature of 35°C and is not affected by ambient temperature and water inlet temperature. This technology breaks through the limitations of traditional snowmaking, allowing ski resort managers to make snow at any time and any place, realizing the dream of having snow all year round.

Focusun high-temperature snowmaking system includes the following key components:
Containerized ice maker: This is one of the core components of our high-temperature snowmaking system, used to make flake ice or tube ice.
Container cold storage: This cold storage is used to store the manufactured ice blocks so that they can be supplied to the powder snow machine and snow spray machine at any time.
Powder snow machine: The powder snow machine is responsible for crushing the manufactured ice blocks into snow powder and providing snowflake raw materials for the snow spray machine.
Snow spray machine: The snow spray machine sprays snowflakes to the snow field area to form an ideal snow surface.

Focusun’s high temperature snowmaking technology has the following significant features:
Convenient transportation: All equipment adopts a container design, which is convenient for transportation and layout, and can quickly build a snow field snowmaking system.
Not limited by seasons and ambient temperature: Traditional snowmaking equipment can usually only be used under low temperature conditions, while our high temperature snowmaking technology can make snow under high temperature conditions of 35℃, realizing the dream of having snow all year round.
Not affected by water inlet temperature: Traditional snowmaking equipment requires the use of low temperature water sources, while our high temperature snowmaking technology is not limited by water inlet temperature and can use water resources in the surrounding environment for snowmaking.
High efficiency and energy saving: Our high temperature snowmaking equipment adopts advanced technology and has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which can help ski field managers reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Focusun high temperature snowmaking equipment is suitable for a variety of different scenarios, including:
Outdoor ski resorts: In high temperature areas or in summer, outdoor ski resorts can use high temperature snowmaking machines to make snow, providing ski enthusiasts with the fun of winter sports.
Indoor ski resorts: Indoor ski resorts can use Focusun high temperature snowmaking machines to replenish snow, ensure the quality and stability of the snow surface, and improve customer experience.
Special event venues: Focusun high temperature snowmaking machines are also suitable for various special event venues, such as snow weddings, snow sports competitions, etc., to provide snow venues for activities.

Focusun high temperature snowmaking technology brings a new snowmaking experience to ski resort managers, breaking through the limitations of traditional snowmaking and realizing the dream of having snow all year round. We believe that with the continuous innovation and development of technology, high temperature snowmaking technology will play an increasingly important role in the ice and snow industry, bringing people more fun and experience in winter sports.