About us

Shanghai Focusun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, specializing in the development of refrigeration technology and the production of refrigeration equipment. Our products mainly include artificial snow making system, ice making system, cold water system, concrete cooling system, dynamic ice storage system, intelligent cold storage system, etc.

Focusun Refrigeration focuses on the ice and snow business and provides a professional package for the construction of ice and snow stadiums for all kinds of users. Our business covers the technical support and implementation of construction of indoor and outdoor ski resorts, snow&ice parks, curling venues, ice skating rinks, etc.

Since the completion of the world's first air-film structure snow and ice cooling project in 2016, Focusun refrigeration has set a new world record for the ice and snow industry. In addition to providing excellent artificial snow making technology, we are also unique in the fields of ice and snow park cooling system, ground cooling system, fresh air system and dehumidification system.

Focusun refrigeration is concerned with the destruction of the ozone layer by carbon emissions and greenhouse gas effects. Therefore, all the design concepts and solutions provided to customers are based on how to maximize energy conservation and emission reduction.

Skilled in refrigeration, smart in cooling------Focusun Refreigeration

Multinational project experience
Professional design team
Multiple national patents
Pure German technology