5 invention patents, 68 utility model patents

Focusun has in China for more than ten years, and is committed to technological innovation as the core concept. Our advanced refrigeration and heating technologies will provide customers with the added value of MAX+

KULIN LAB laboratory rigorous testing

The introduction of the German KULIN LAB laboratory can provide simulation tests for harsh environments such as long-term snowfall, strong winds, heavy rain, and acidification of the sea that are required for multi-line testing.

Ultimate goal of saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions

All the designs we have submitted are based on how to reduce energy loss and ozone layer damage. Over the years, we have done our best to save energy and reduce emissions.

Submarine level silent design

The cooling system is designed with submarine-level mute technology, and the multi-parallel unit operates with a minimum quietness of 39 decibels.

Top technical expert team, one-on-one project customization service

We have an authoritative expert technical team in the world of refrigeration, which can design the most cost-effective cooling solution according to the specific needs of customers and on-site conditions.

German technology, inheriting artisans spirit, strongly guaranteeing for quality improvement

The core technology is from Germany and meets the ISO9001 management system standards. All products are tested by professional certifiers such as CE and SGS.

Professional refrigeration, intelligent manufacturing

Skilled in refrigeration, smart in cooling. Focusun Intelligent Star Control System uses the latest technology in the industrial field of the Internet, enabling remote operation, viewing machine operation data and state anytime, anywhere.

89 countries sales and 18,500 global project design, installation and training experience

As a leader in the refrigeration industry, our leading technology serves different industries. Focusun ice making system, cold water system, indoor cooling system, vacuum cooling system, snow making system, mine cooling system, concrete cooling system have created new cooling surprises.

Ace debugging, rigorously tested before leaving the factory

Every production process, every technical test, we are extremely demanding. The industry's first customer-to-factory inspection and reward program allows you to see the truth and judge.

Technical services cover the globe, reaching the mission

Every day, we have at least ten on-site projects traveling on flights to different countries around the world. We promise that there are Ferguson engineers where there are Ferguson equipment, no matter where you are or whenever.

World's largest refrigeration equipment production and testing base

Focusun has the world's largest direct expansion technology refrigeration equipment development base, unique in high and low temperature cross-board replacement technology, seawater sea erosion, solar energy, wind energy drive and other technical fields.

Four seasons snow&ice park/ski resort equipment supplier

Help the 2022 Winter Olympics, Focusun has formed practical strategic cooperation with a number of companies and government agencies in equipment upgrades, ice and snow science and technology, ice and snow projects, and operations.

Multinational project experience
Professional design team
Multiple national patents
Pure German technology