Ground cooling equipment

In the construction of large ice and snow stadiums, the importance of ground cooling is possibly be ignored. In order to save energy and reflect the best snow and ice effect, we recommend customers to equip the venue with a ground cooling system. Focusun ground cooling system can be divided into the ethylene glycol cooling system and the Freon cooling system.

Ethylene glycol cooling system

The difference between the glycol refrigeration system and a general refrigeration system is that the ethylene glycol solution is used to operate the refrigeration system.Ethylene glycol solution is a coolant, not a refrigerant, and is widely used in many fields such as medicine, chemical industry and cold storage, etc.

The whole refrigeration system of ethylene glycol is a fully enclosed system. There is no oil mist at high temperature, and it does not absorb moisture in the air at low temperature. The cooling effect is strong. The ethylene glycol ground cooling system has a lower initial investment and a higher overall cost performance.

Freon ground cooling system

The Freon ground cooling equipment, also called the direct cooling system, is a technology in which the refrigeration compressor directly transports the “refrigerant” (Freon) to the pipeline of the site to realize cooling.

The Freon cooling equipment is simple to install, does not require concrete construction, pipeline construction, insulation layer construction, and the construction of an indoor machine room, thus greatly saving project construction time. And from the point of energy saving and emission reduction, it can achieve amazing effect of 70% energy saving than traditional technology.