Crushing type snow machine

Focusun is committed to the development of snow making equipment and snow conveyor systems that can be used in high temperature environments. Through years of accumulated refrigeration technology and excellent mechanical transmission technology, we can realize the automatic operation of snow making equipment.

Snow making machine lifting

No need to rely on the temperature environment, the equipment can provide customers with dry, beautiful, practical and continuous artificial snow. Fully-automatic tube ice snow making equipment uses tube ice to make snow. First, turn the water into the tube ice by ice-making machine, be stored in a ice storage room with a refrigeration system, when the snow is needed, crushed tube ice that is cooled and dried into powder by ice crushing machine, and then through the air delivery system - closed high pressure fan, blow powdered snow in specified area, so as to realize automatic snow picking at a long distance.

Crushing type snow making machine is widely used in indoor and outdoor ski resorts and ice parks in the South.

Snow making machine installed

Crushing type snow making machine features:
  • Free from the temperature, water temperature, humidity, latitude, region and country, one-touch boot snow making;
  • Use tube ice as material, big producing capacity, adjustable, up to 10~500 cubic meters/day of snow production;
  • It meets indoor and outdoor snow making at the same time. Tube ice smashed artificial snow shape is close to natural snow, more beautiful;
  • The operation of the equipment is not limited by the ambient temperature, the inlet water temperature and the air humidity, so that it can realize the uninterrupted snow making in the four seasons;
  • The snow transport system can realize multiple pipes to switch snow, and can achieve snow spray straight line distance of 40 meters;
  • The artificial snow system is a standard containerized complete system, reducing on-site civil construction and post-maintenance costs;
  • Tube ice snow making equipment can realize fully automatic snow making, snow storage, snow pumping, is easy to operate and can save labor resource.

Focusun engineer team will provide customers with the most suitable high-temperature snow making equipment according to their actual needs and on-site conditions: