Ski resort

With the trend of "northern snow shifting south", China's "skiing fever" and "skiing heat" continue to heat up. As outdoor ski resorts are affected by outside temperatures, more and more indoor ski resorts are being built.

Due to the limitations of indoor areas, the construction of indoor ski resorts usually only considers the practice track and the primary road. The construction needs to consider the following issues:

  • Track standard
  • Indoor cooling method
  • Artificial snow method
  • Dehumidification and fresh air

Through years of project combat, Focusun has extensive experience in designing and producing ski tracks. In addition to the use of steel structures for snow slope construction, high-quality new lightweight materials are also a good choice.

Focusun has internationally advanced refrigeration technology that maintains a constant temperature of -5~-3℃ in the room, ensuring that snow and ice do not melt all year round, allowing skiers to enjoy the fun of skiing all year round. For more detailed information on indoor cooling, please click: Snow park cooling equipment

Focusun specializes in the development of snow-making machines and conveyor systems that can fully adapt to the actual needs of customers, to get rid of the dependence on the weather, and to create artificial and practical snow for customers. For more detailed information on artificial snow making equipment, please click: High-temperature snow making equipment

Focusun has extensive experience in applying fresh air and dehumidification technology to venues for snow making. In a closed environment, the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body should be discharged in time, and fresh air should be added to the tourists. For more detailed information on dehumidification and fresh air technology, please click: Indoor dehumidification equipment