Snow removal machine

Due to the low ambient temperature in the hall, the naturally falling snow is easy to form an ice and affect the snow making scene during the continuous operation of the snow machine. At this time, a suitable snow removal machine can solve this problem quickly.

Focusun snow removal machine with large suction is powerful. Even the snow that has piled up hard can be re-popped in an instant, perfectly blending with the falling new snow. The machine can reach the range of snow throwing of 10~15m, can automatically walk and retreat. So the operator only needs to master the direction.

The machine integrating the functions of snow throwing and removing, is equipped with an innovative high wear-resistant spiral winch scraper to ensure that the snow will not cause damage to the ground. There are special tires on the tires that are very slip resistant. After the machine is started, it has a temperature in the handrail to make the hands feel warm. So it’s very convenient for using.