Ice & snow park

Building a perfect ice and snow park, not only can achieve rapid profitability, but also drive the surrounding consumption, improve and enrich the shopping industry in the shopping mall or scenic area.

The introduction of national strategic policies such as “ice and snow into the campus” and “300 million people on the ice and snow” will surely bring amazing business development opportunities to the ice and snow tourism industry.

We are determined to provide you with the best ice and snow park solutions. From design to construction, from consulting to landing, Focusun professional engineers and cooperated partners will provide you efficient and considerate service.

Refrigeration solution

An excellent refrigeration solution is a key factor in the future success of a snow&ice park. Focusun Refrigeration has extensive experience in refrigeration construction programs of snow&ice park around the world. And energy conservation is our primary goal to maximize your benefits.

Snow park cooling system

The special cooling equipment provided by Focusun has uniform airflow and low energy consumption and can achieve rapid cooling of 5~40℃. According to the actual physical conditions of the venue, the energy consumption of equipment is only 1/8 of that of traditional air conditioners and the investment is only 1/5 of the central air conditioner.

Ground cooling system

We will lay the hot coil under the ground insulation layer to prevent problems like ground cracking, moisture return, floor condensation and other issues, etc. and cold coils on the upper layer of the ground insulation layer to reduce the heat transfer between the snow layer and the surface, and reduce the snow melting ratio.

Fresh air system

The fresh air system is an independent air treatment system consisting of a ventilation system and an exhaust system. The principle is to send fresh air to the room with special equipment on the side of the closed room, and then discharge to the outside from the other side. A “new wind flow field” will be formed indoors to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation.

Dehumidification system

Dehumidification systems are essential during the construction of large ice and snow venues. The dehumidification system with the surrounds without smoke, can effectively reduce indoor humidity, making the human body feel comfortable and improving the experience of visitors.

Snow making system

Focusun snow making equipment uses flake ice or tube ice to make snow. It pulverizes the ice into a powder through a crushing device, and then blows the powdered ice crystals to a designated area through an air delivery system to reach a snow falling scene. The operation of the equipment is not limited by the ambient temperature, the inlet water temperature and the air humidity, so that it can realize the uninterrupted snow making in the four seasons.

Focusun scenery snow falling machine can achieve stable snow drifting in the ±0℃ in the four seasons. The concealed mini-small body can be easily hung in the sky and can be integrated with the scene.

Entertainment theme design
  • Responding to the national “ice and snow into the campus” call to establish a snow and ice experimental education base;
  • Carry out various ice sculpture competitions and ice sculpture culture festivals, etc. with the theme of ice sculpture;
  • Carry out "ice sports" such as skating, curling, dancing on ice, drama on ice, and parent-child sports on ice, etc.;
  • Carry out "snow sports" such as skiing, snow flying saucers, snow bowling, crazy snowballs, etc.;
  • Create a fairy tale with cool LED lighting shows, country-style cabins and cedars, etc.