Ice machine

Focusun Refrigeration is Is a pioneer in the field of ice making. The block ice machine(ice maker, ice making machine, ice plant) of our brand is of excellent quality. And this type of ice machine can applies the direct ice making technology and brine ice making technology at the same time to produce milky white, colored and pure transparent block ice to meet different customers’ the ice making needs. So it is widely used in various ice sculpture scenes.

In general, the working environment is critical to ensure the ice making efficiency and stability of the ice machine. The containerized ice machine can operate in a relatively closed and stable environment (the temperature can be controlled between 20°C and 25°C) to effectively optimize the ice making process.

The special container is reinforced to prevent damage to the machine caused by the external environment, and it can also prevent sand, dust, rain and snow.

The containerized ice machine does not need to set up a factory to place the machine, so that the customer can move the machine to different freezing points and reduce the cost of on-site construction.

Focusun Refrigeration have been in the ice machine industry for many years. The block ice machine is our main product. And it can be divided into direct block ice machine and traditional brine block ice machine.