Direct block ice machine

The principle is to use the specially designed cooling channel of the ice making box to carry on the circulation of the low temperature refrigerant, so as to rapidly cool the water in the box and realize rapid ice making. The machine adopts dense special formula aluminum alloy as evaporator which can improve heat exchange effect and realize the real rust prevention and corrosion protection.

After years of technological innovation, Focusun has launched a fully-automatic direct-cooling block ice machine that integrates the functions of automatic watering, automatic ice making, automatic ice removing, and automatic ice transfer to improve customer’ ice making efficiency.

Compared with the traditional brine block ice machine, the direct-refrigerated block ice machine consumes only 63kWh per ton of ice making, saving 50% of electricity. And doesn't needs to use brine tank, hoist, ice thawing tank and change ice boxes. The produced block ice reaches the food standard.

Using the direct refrigeration technology, Focusun can also produce transparent block ice machine. The fully-automatic transparent block ice machine just form ice at the bottom, so the ice formation speed is slow, and the ice making time needs about 72-96 hours. However, the produced block ice is 100% transparent with no bubbles in the middle. Direct-cooling transparent block ice is the primary choice for high quality ice sculptures and large quantities of ice in bars.

Focusun engineers recommend the transparent ice which used direct cooling technology with thickness below 25cm, ice size below 75kg, and 1-4 pieces in a single batch for optimal transparency.

If you need block ice more than 50kg, please choose the Focusun brine block ice machine.