Brine block ice machine

The brine block ice machine uses salt water as a heat exchange medium to reduce the temperature to -5℃ by heat exchange with the refrigerant, and the water in the ice bucket is thus frozen into ice.The traditional brine refrigeration technology generally produces ice in 8-24 hours. Focusun brine block ice machine continues the old German craftsmanship and develops it on the basis of traditional technology. It creates automatic water injection and ice-making technology to provide customers a more efficient brine block ice machine.

Focusun brine-refrigerated block ice machine has a stable daily output of up to 1,000 tons. It is the first choice for customers who need the block ice more than 50kg. We can also place the brine block ice machine in a standard container with daily capacity up to 12.5 tons/day.

Compared with the direct-cooling transparent block ice machine, the brine-refrigerated transparent block ice machine has a larger output, with a maximum daily output of 100 tons/day and a maximum ice weight of 200kg/block. The machine uses bubble-type transparent ice making technology with a slight white bubble in the middle, that makes the transparent block not completely transparent. Therefore, the brine clear block ice machine is more suitable for customers who require large quantities of transparent ice and have low transparency requirements.

In addition to the brine block ice machine, we also offer a well-received direct block ice machine with fully automatic operation and can save 50% electricity.