Focusun provides one-stop solutions from design, production, installation and after-sales service, and has an excellent installation engineering team and advanced equipment to provide users with fast, high-quality and considerate services.

On-site civil service

For customers who need on-site civil service, Focusun can provide professional on-site civil services according to the design plan. Focusun will customize the on-site civil engineering plan according to the site conditions of the project, and send experienced engineers and construction teams to carry out professional services to ensure that the entire construction process is clearly defined and perfectly fitted.

Focusun overseas installation engineering

National installation system standard

Focusun installation project strictly enforces national installation system standards and maximizes safe construction. We are able to provide our customers with a construction team with pipeline installation qualifications. For special customers, we provide design drawings issued by professional design institutes for the relevant national departments to conduct supervision and inspection.

Before the start of the project, we will conduct professional training for the participants and refine the content to every detail to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the installation. We strictly control the quality of each installation and strive to achieve "one installation, never rework".

Focusun overseas installation engineering

Free on-site guidance installation

For those who choose to install and construct themselves, we can provide free on-site guidance and installation services. Before the implementation of the project, Focusun will send professional technical engineers to the site to provide professional technical guidance to the project participants, and to provide detailed answers to every problem that may arise during the project, to ensure that each project will be completed with excellent quality.

Focusun engineer guide the installation