Indoor dehumidification equipment

The most comfortable relative humidity range of the human body is between 50% and 65%. When the ambient humidity is too high, the concentration of thyroxine and adrenaline in the human body is relatively reduced, and people will feel listless and languid.

It can be seen that the construction of ice and snow venues should consider effective dehumidification of the venues to enhance the comfort of tourists. Focusun Refrigeration offers three dehumidification methods: freeze dehumidification, solution dehumidification and rotor dehumidification.

Freeze dehumidification

Freezing and dehumidification has been widely used in the snow making field due to its low energy consumption, simple operation and easy control. The basic principle is that the water vapor forms into cold water droplets, encountering the cooling copper tube fins. Throughout the liquefaction process, the dehumidifier is a device that provides the conversion of gaseous water into liquid water.

The refrigeration dehumidifier has the advantages of good dehumidification effect, fast relative humidity drop in the room, low operating cost, no heat source, no need of cooling water, convenient operation and flexible use, etc. It is often used in national defense engineering, civil defense engineering, various warehouses, libraries, archives, underground engineering, electronics industry, precision machining, medicine, food, agricultural seed storage, and workshops of various industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Solution dehumidification

Dehumidification of the solution is to treat the air by using some solutions with good hygroscopicity, such as lithium bromide, lithium chloride, calcium chloride, etc., and the partial pressure of the air water vapor treated on the dehumidification side is greater than the partial pressure of the water vapor of the concentrated solution. So it makes use of the pressure difference between the two side to transfer the moisture from the air to the solution and the solution concentration becomes lean.

The solution usually used is the salt solution because its effect is much better than ordinary water. The concentration is greater, the dehumidification ability is stronger.

Runner dehumidification

The cylindrical dehumidification turntable is composed of honeycomb structure, and is made of special crystallization processing method attached to the moisture absorbent raw material. It rotates in a box that is separated into a dehumidification zone and a regeneration zone, and absorbs moisture in the air to obtain dry air.

After the water is absorbed, the turntable will be sent to the regeneration zone for heating to evaporate and discharge the water in turntable , and then it will be returned to the original position for dehumidification. This cycle will be repeated continuously to obtain stable dehumidified air.