Scraping type snow machine

Focusun has been in the field of snow making for many years for continuously innovating in the existing snow making technology, concentrating on developing indoor snow making equipment that can achieve large-volume snow production. We not only want to let people in different climates enjoy the snow, but also hope to show you high-quality snow scene.

Focusun scraping type snow making machine uses tap water as a raw material, and through compression refrigeration, combined with excellent Focusun snow clutch technology, Focusun snow maker can produce artificial snow with a high degree of simulation of natural snow and the maximum daily output can reach 40 cubic meters . If the device is placed 3-5 meters above the ground, you can achieve the effects of the snow flying in the sky.

Scraping type snow making machine features:
  • No need for glycol refrigeration unit, use environmentally friendly Freon compression direct cooling technology, of great cost-effective;
  • The snow is fluffy and closer to natural snow. Whether it's making a snowman or skiing, the experience is bursting;
  • Large output, can produce 40 cubic meters snow per day, suitable for indoor skiing or snow parks with high snow demand;
  • The snow making speed is fast, and the snow can be made conventionally 3 minutes after turning on the machine;
  • The operation of the equipment is not limited by the ambient temperature, the inlet water temperature and the air humidity, so that it can realize the uninterrupted snow making in the four seasons;
  • The equipment can operate efficiently in a different environment of -10 ºC~25 ºC;
  • There is no need to equip the snow transmitting device, and the snow falls vertically from the snow making equipment, falling from the sky, more like natural snow.

Technical Parameter:
Subject Unit Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage/Phase/Frequency 380V/3P/50Hz~60Hz
Refrigerant R22 or R404A
Snow capacity Kg/day 4000
Condenser Fan power Kw 1.5
Cooling way   Air cooling
Compressor Manufacturer Copeland
Operating power Kw 20
Horse power Hp 25
Size Snow falling system (L*W*H) (mm) 2033×1260×941
Cooling system 2370×990×1970
Weight of machine Snow falling system Kg 730
Cooling system 740
Electrical cabinet 110
Noise Inside machine dB 75
Outside machine 75

Focusun engineer team will provide customers with the most suitable high-temperature snow making equipment according to their actual needs and on-site conditions: