Air cooler cooling

The air cooler is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust proof and deodorization. In addition to bringing fresh air and lowering the temperature, the air-cooler unit has an important feature - energy-saving and environmental protection.

The chiller equipment provided by Focusun has a large air volume and can quickly cool down 4~10℃. If one per 100 square meters is installed, the energy consumption is only 1/8 of the traditional air conditioner, and the investment is only 1/5 of the central air conditioner.

Air cooler features:
  • The cooling effect is obvious, and the indoor turbid, sultry and odorous air can be replaced and discharged to outside;
  • It is equipped with automatic water supply, automatic air swing, automatic cleaning and air supply functions, which can realize automatic protection of lack of phase;
  • Small power consumption with the electricity consumption per hour is 1.1℃, no need Freon;
  • Compared with the traditional compressor air conditioning system, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any building area;
  • Easy and quick to install and maintain, no need for professional maintenance personnel;
  • Air supply per air cooler: 6000~80000 cubic meters, covering an area of 100~130 square meters.

Focusun engineer team will provide customers with the most suitable high temperature snow making equipment according to their actual needs and on-site conditions: