The first China Ice and Snow Conference was a huge success, Focusun helped the construction of South Ice and Snow Project

The first China Ice and Snow Conference officially opened on December 22, 2018 in the Beijing Exhibition Center. The Ice and Snow Conference is a mass snow and ice event that the Winter Sports Center of the State General Administration of Sport has responded to the call of the Winter Olympics, popularized the ice and snow sports, and made great efforts in the “Beijing cycle” of the Winter Olympics.

This Ice and Snow Conference invited many world-renowned athletes, including Olympic champion Wu Dajing, to come to the scene to get in close contact with the people for instruction and teaching, which attracted many people to visit and reflect the ice and snow projects. The fierce development of the conference actively promoted the ice and snow sports, which also greatly increased the attention of this conference.

In response to the call of the Winter Olympics and Snow Season, Focusun is actively committed to the research and development and promotion of refrigeration products, hoping to contribute high quality products to the Winter Olympics Snow and Ice cause.

With the start of the nation ’s mass ice and snow season, the country has begun to vigorously promote snow and ice activities. For the warmer regions of the south, the amount of snowfall is generally insufficient. Therefore, the development of ice and snow activities requires the assistance of external conditions, such as artificial snow machines.

Focusun’s snow falling machine is compact and easy to install and transport. Through the snow flake clutch technology, the snow falling machine can produce artificial snow that is stronger than the natural snow crystal structure, and can be suspended at an altitude of 3-5 meters to achieve the effect of natural snow falling. By adjusting the amount of snow falling, a small area of 20-50 square meters of snow can be realized.

Focusun snow maker uses tube ice and flake ice as raw materials. The water is made into tube ice or flake ice by the ice maker, stored in a refrigerated container, and then the ice is crushed into powder by an ice crushing device and output through an air delivery system. It can be used for large-volume snow production in places where heavy snow is used when environmental conditions cannot naturally snow, and it can be used to cover the site with thick snow. It is widely used in ski resorts and other places where large areas of snow are required.

With the continuous development of ice and snow activities, ice sculpture has become a hot winter project all over the country. Through continuous testing and improvement, Focusun has developed a transparent block ice machine that can realize automatic ice making. Different from traditional salt water transparent ice, the fully automatic transparent block ice machine can produce food-grade transparent ice through advanced transparent ice-forming technology, and the ice block is 100% transparent, with no blank groove in the middle, which can reach 100% utilization rate. In addition, the equipment is more convenient to install and use, so it is more suitable for fine ice sculptures.

Focusun specializes in the production and research and development of refrigeration equipment. With professional refrigeration technology, excellent product quality, and enthusiastic service attitude, it has become a leader in the refrigeration industry.

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