The Best Manufacture And Supplier Of Snow Falling Machines?

Focusun specializes in the R&D and manufacture of snow-making equipment and ice-making equipment. It has many strategic partners at home and abroad. The company relies on strong technical force and a professional technical team to provide various domestic ski resorts with new ideasnew technologies to solve the operation of modern ski resorts, and then lead a trendy business model.

Focusun snow falling machines are equipped with Copeland compressor and Danfoss control accessories, which makes Focusun snow making machines more reliable with lower energy consumption; the outdoor unit adopts an integrated design to save space greatly. The heat exchange fins have good anti-corrosion performance, and the stainless steel shell is not only beautiful, endurable, anti-corrosion, but easy to clean, and even it can be directly placed outdoors. 

In addition, the visual operation interface and industrial PLC control can make the snow making process automatic, the operation is simple, convenient and safe; the structure is reliable, hygienic, clean and pollution-free.

 Focusun snow falling machine runs perfectly and smoothly without the restriction of ambient temperature and air humidity, and realizes all-weather real snow falling effect. Focusun snow making machine is intelligent, safe, high-efficient, and low-consumed. The amount of snow can be selected according to the needs. Heavy snow, medium snow, and light snow can be adjusted at will, and the switch can also be controlled remotely. The snow area can reach 20 square meters per unit. There are a wide variety of snow falling machines available, big or small. Importantly, Focusun snow making machines can be tailored according to individual needs.

Focusun snow falling machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for indoor ice and snow park, art museums, ice sculpture museums, ski resorts, ice lantern art festivals, snow hot springs, snow theme bars, cafes, high-end restaurants, hotels, hotel lobbies, SPA bath centers, snow saunas, snow huts, outdoor stores, Christmas and New Year activities, various industrial experiments and popular science education, etc.