Can you believe it? Snow was actually made by machines

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are pursuing leisure, entertainment, and enjoying life. As our living conditions improve, the demands for ice and snow projects also increase. Ice and snow tourism is currently one of the popular tourism projects, and many people want to build ice and snow theme parks.

Artificial snow system is the most mature artificial snow making equipment, and its principle is also very simple. Artificial snow making machine/ snow falling machine refers to the process of artificially turning water (water vapor) into snowflakes or similar snowflakes through certain equipment or physical and chemical means. The manufacturing methods of artificial snow are divided into barrel type and ice sheet crushing type. The natural snowflake density is approximately 328kg/m ³, while the density of artificial snow is about 856kg/m ³. Essentially, artificial snow and natural snow are the same, but the density of artificial snow is higher. Therefore, under the same conditions, artificial snow of the same volume melts slower than natural snow.

Advantages of High Temperature Snow Maker/ Snow Falling Machine

  1. Artificial snow meets national standards and does not require much space on the site
  2. Artificial snow making system is a very environmentally friendly snow making method that will not have an impact on the environment
  3. It can achieve large-scale snow making without being affected by the environment
  4. The snow particles produced are very fine, uniform, and delicate, making the snow cleaner and free from bacteria and impurities
  5. Artificial snow has a higher density than natural snow, is resistant to sliding and weathering, and can maintain a longer time without melting
  6. The amount of snow can be adjusted to produce the required thickness within a few hours
  7. The cost of artificial snow is low, and the general price is around 2-3 yuan/square meter

How to Make Snow Beautiful

  1. It is necessary to ensure the water supply of the snow field. The water source for snow production in the snow field should preferably be filtered surface water or underground aquifers, and the water source must be clean and pollution-free.
  2. It is necessary to reasonably design the snow making area of the snow field, control the snow making cycle, and ensure that as many snowflakes are produced as possible during the normal snow making cycle.
  3. The operating speed of the snow maker should be controlled based on factors such as snow and temperature. If there is less snow and the temperature is low, the frequency of snow making should be reduced; If there is a large amount of snow production and the temperature is high, the operating frequency of the snow maker should be appropriately increased.
  4. Clean up the snow around the snow field in a timely manner and keep the site clean.

Application field

Artificial snow making machine/ snow falling machine can be applied to ski resorts, artificial natural snow drifting landscapes, garden landscapes, parks, golf courses, ski resorts and other places, entertainment stage landscaping, film and television shooting snow drifting landscapes, laboratory snow drifting, and low temperature cold resistance performance testing of cars. The equipment has low cost, fast speed, and simple operation, making it suitable for various types of scenarios.

The above is an introduction to artificial snow making machines/drifting snow machines. If you would like to know more about relevant matters, please call us for detailed inquiries, and we will be happy to serve you.