The 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World Achieved Many Records in History

Since its opening, the 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World has attracted tourists from home and abroad. At the 2024 China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Forum held on January 5, Harbin Ice and Snow World successfully challenged the Guinness World Record and won the title of “the world’s largest ice and snow theme park” with a park area of 810,000 square meters. In addition, this year’s Ice and Snow World has set many records in terms of scale, number of tourists, and landscape construction.

In terms of scale, the ice storage volume of this Harbin Ice and Snow World reached 100,000 cubic meters, breaking the historical record. Being able to use so much ice not only demonstrates Harbin’s leading position in the ice and snow industry, but also demonstrates the scientific and technological strength and innovative charm of Harbin Ice and Snow World.

In terms of the number of tourists, according to the “2024 Spring Festival Travel Trend Forecast Report” released by Tongcheng Travel, Harbin has become the most popular tourist destination during the 2024 Spring Festival holiday. During New Year’s Day, Harbin Ice and Snow World received 163,200 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 435%, which proves the popularity of Harbin Ice and Snow World among tourists and also shows the huge potential of China’s ice and snow tourism.

In terms of landscape construction, this year’s Harbin Ice and Snow World used 250,000 cubic meters of ice and snow to create more than a thousand ice and snow landscapes, setting a record for the highest number of single landscapes in the previous Harbin Ice and Snow World. Among them, the main tower “Crown of Ice and Snow” is 43 meters high, equivalent to the height of a 14-story building, and uses 13,000 cubic meters of ice. This magnificent ice building broke the record of Harbin Ice and Snow World.

In terms of entertainment projects, the number of super ice slides has increased from 8 to 14, with the longest slide reaching 521 meters, setting a record in terms of scale, length and area. At the same time, the park has also created many small slides, ice mazes, etc., providing tourists with more choices and a richer experience. Whether it’s a family outing or a group of friends, you can find ice and snow entertainment projects that suit you here.

In terms of performing arts, this year’s Harbin Ice and Snow World focuses on the in-depth integration of ice, snow and art. Here, tourists can enjoy wonderful performances such as the Harbin Ice Show, Longjiang Ice Show, Ice and Snow Car Ballet Show, and Dream Stage, and fully experience the strong ice and snow cultural atmosphere. Among them, the Harbin Bingxiu, as the most unique and internationally recognized top performance in Harbin, has long attracted the attention and expectations of domestic and foreign tourists.

This winter, the theme of the Harbin Ice Show is “Brilliant Feast”, and 50 outstanding foreign performing artists from 12 countries including Russia, the United States, and Belarus have been invited to participate. The number of people has reached the highest number ever.

In addition, this year’s Harbin Ice and Snow World has cross-border cooperation with IPs such as Tencent to restore classic characters, actions and scenes from dramas, games, and animations in the form of snow sculptures. The number, form, and scale of cooperation are the largest ever.

It is understood that Harbin Ice and Snow World, as an important part of China’s ice and snow tourism, plays an important role in enhancing the international image and popularity of China’s ice and snow tourism, and also provides valuable experience for the development of global ice and snow tourism.