The commercial value of ice sculptures

Ice sculpture is an art form that uses ice as the main material. Ice sculpture is divided into three types: round sculpture, relief sculpture, and openwork sculpture. Ice sculpture also pays attention to the use of tools, surface treatment, and knife marks. Ice sculpture first originated in China.

The value of ice sculpture lies in the crystal clear art that can be admired. On major festivals, various shapes are carved with the theme of festivals, adding a beautiful scenery line to the festival, and can also be used for tourists to take pictures and leave a unique festival experience for customers.

It can also allow customers to participate in ice sculpture activities to achieve the effect of product promotion and brand marketing. For example,wine injection ice sculpture , generally the brand’s logo, text, or pattern is engraved in the ice sculpture in advance, and the pattern, text or logo is gradually presented by injecting colored liquid or wine. Not only this is event great fun, but also it leaves a very strong brand impression on customers.

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