What Is The Principle Of The High Temperature Snow Making System?

The so-called high temperature means that conventional snow guns are suitable for higher temperatures and have lower requirements for the environment. The refrigeration equipment such as the compressor and condenser of the high-temperature snow machine are the same as those of the conventional machine, but with higher precision, which can ensure that the snowflakes produced are more dry and delicate, and the influence of air humidity on them is very small, and when the produced snowflakes are scattered Really snow. Whether it is building an outdoor ski resort or an indoor ice and snow amusement park, it can be used. Compared with conventional snowmobiles, high temperature snowmobiles have a working temperature of 10-15 degrees, the indoor temperature is better maintained, the outdoor construction is very convenient, and the humidity is 50-60%, which is 10% lower than that of conventional machines. At the same time, the machine will be equipped with a long pipeline, which can distribute the snowflakes at any time, which is fast and convenient. Especially when building ice and snow parks in shopping malls, the efficiency is very high. Due to the low requirement for ambient temperature, the cooling cost is saved during construction. Compared with the 0 degree ice and snow park, the high temperature represents more children’s flow. This is a very big business opportunity