Do you know? Snow can also be artificial!

I don’t know if you have such a question when you go to the Ski Resort for skiing. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it’s not the season of snow. There are still fluttering snowflakes in the entire snowfield. These snows are artificial snow, how do they come? what about?

In fact, artificial snow is the same as natural snow. The material of artificial snow in ski resorts is water, and the source of water is generally reservoirs and groundwater. The water is pumped into a snow gun (also called a snow gun) and then sprayed out through a small nozzle. An air compressor is attached to the muzzle to blow out high-pressure, high-speed air.

The process of artificial snow making is: the water pump is pumped, the compressor is blasted, the nozzle is sprayed with water, the muzzle is blown by a strong wind, and the small water droplets (the water is sprayed through the nozzle and then appear as a mist) are blown up by the strong wind and are condensed by the cold air. snowflake.

In other words, the snow making machine does not actually have the function of making snow. It only produces misty water that moves at high speed. The process of making snow must require the participation of a low-temperature environment.

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