How to Build a Indoor Snow Park?

Firstly, we should have a clear theme. We can find that those parks with many tourists have unique themes, which will leave a deep impression on people. When planning and designing an indoor snow park, you should be creative and not blindly imitate your peers, but also take into account the feasibility. Impassable facilities will cause waste of manpower, resources and investment.

Secondly, combine the park with culture. Due to the strong seasonality of indoor snow parks (except for the southern man-made park), if you want to make a short term hot, you must combine the ice and snow parks with culture closely, and endow the park with rich cultural connotation, so that tourists can not only have fun, but also acquire knowledge.

In addition, projects need to be combined with static and dynamic. When planning space, the park should combine static viewing landscapes with dynamic play items to fully mobilize tourists’ vision and participation interactivity.

The static viewing landscape mainly includes: ice lamp, ice sculpture, ice and snow works exhibition, plant landscaping, etc.;

Dynamic amusement projects mainly include: ski pass, snow turning, magic carpet, slide, ball games, etc.

Finally, pay attention to the layout of the park’s functional areas. In terms of space planning, the ice and snow park mainly contains the central landscape area of the axis, block distribution combination, Chinese and Western reality and fantasy, viewing and entertainment, and other comparative combination, progressive combination, and so on. It is suggested that the park operators should pay more attention to the rationality of the space planning and design in the early stage and maximize the use of the site through professional layout.

In general, a mature snow park is a business card of a city, a carrier of culture, and a carrier of local economic development. With the novelty and complementarity brought by the integration of its natural resources and amusement projects, the ice and snow theme park will be increasingly favored and developed by the culture and tourism industry.