The 34th China Refrigeration Expo is in hot registration!

The 34th International exposition for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, frozen food processing, packaging and storage (hereinafter referred to as “China Refrigeration Expo”) will be held from April 7 to 9, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Many enterprises are applying. The registration time is up to February 10, 2023. So far, many enterprises have signed up, if interested in it, you can learn more about the relevant information.

China Refrigeration Expo has a high position in the industry and has been successfully held for 33 sessions. The 33rd China Refrigeration Expo was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center in 2022. The exposition has 8 pavilions with a total exhibition area of nearly 80000 square meters. A total of 600 enterprises and institutions from 8 countries and regions around the world participated in the exposition. Many well-known brands of the industry appeared at the exhibition. The product technology competed with each other, the release activities were contested, and the exchange and discussion were in full swing, helping the industry to move towards the goal of “double carbon”. The United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the International Institute of Refrigeration, and international professional organizations from dozens of countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia sent congratulatory messages, fully demonstrating the vitality of the industry.

The theme of the exhibition is “Focus on Innovative Quality, Commit to Low-Carbon Health”. The China Refrigeration Expo Organizing Committee will not forget its original intention, and will continue to work with exhibitors and all parties in the industry to contribute to the green, low-carbon and healthy development of China’s refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and help the smooth realization of the “double carbon” goal of the industry.