The 8th Happy Ice and Snow Season in Fengtai District is holding!

The 8th Happy Ice and Snow Season in Fengtai District was launched in Beijing World Park on January 14. This day, more than 300 ice and snow sports enthusiasts participated in the ice and snow fairs and felt the fun of “immersive” ice and snow projects.

As the main venue of the activity, Beijing World Park has started a large-scale snow making plan, creating natural winter scenery such as “Nordic Snow Scenery”, “Snow Village Scenery”, “Snow Circle Square” and so on. The frozen lake in the park is also divided into different areas, where you can experience ice hockey, curling, top and other projects. There are many ice and snow themed activities, such as ice and snow fairs, which make visitors feel like they are in a dream of Frozen.

At the launch ceremony, the Fengtai District Sports Bureau and the Beijing Olympic Group held the “Witness Glory” Winter Olympic Achievements Exhibition, so that everyone could have a close contact with the torch, clothing, and the miniature landscape of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we could recall the beautiful moments of the Winter Olympic Games together.

Focusun, as a refrigeration equipment company, also paid close attention to the event. During the activity, some refrigeration equipment like ice machines, snow machines are used to build the site, and it also adopts ground cooling system and dehumidification system to ensure ice and snow last longer. The artificial snow is very similar to the natural snow, but the artificial snow is not easy to melt and can well meet the needs of the game.