The first winter after Beijing 2022: Snow and ice rinks are packed with people!

After the arrival of winter, people play in snow and ice rink, and the enthusiasm of the public to participate in ice and snow sports is growing. Since late December 2022, snow rinks and ice rinks across the country have been open for business, and people have fully enjoyed the fun of ice and snow sports.

This is the first snow and ice season after the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympic heritage continues to play its role. The demand for snow and ice consumption is strong, and the sports industry as a whole is improving.

During the New Year’s Day holiday in 2023, the statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism show that sports holidays such as ice and snow, lake tours, camping and mountaineering are popular with tourists. Northeast Ice and Snow World, Yabuli, Changbai Mountain and other classic ice and snow tourism destinations have attracted a large number of tourists. In addition, snow and ice sports have also been carried out around the country, and snow resorts in regions rich in snow and ice resources have reappeared.

Focusun will continue to devote itself to the research of refrigeration equipment and produce a more perfect construction scheme of ice and snow park. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers and the response of tourists, we will constantly update and adjust the project design, keep pace with the times, provide better services for customers and provide better experience for tourists!