Snow drifter shoots the real scene in the snowmaking experience room

Nirvana Regenerates Green Ecology

Today’s Langfang is particularly exciting for two things: First, it has a beautiful environment, lush trees, blue sky and clean water, and fresh air. A new garden-style urban area has reached its prototype. Second, the industrial chain here is strong and prosperous. According to the industrial transformation of transformation and upgrading, and reducing the increase in height, Langfang has become the place where the industrial agglomeration in some areas of Beijing and Tianjin is located. A large number of large-scale and promising new projects have settled here.

The “old Langfang” who understands the situation understands that the creation of this beautiful ecological and economic environment by the snow drifter is actually the city’s nirvana regeneration after a painful decision.

The snow blower faced the humid air and saw the small snowflakes slowly drifting down, as if in the rain and snow in winter… This is also the snow blower of the Smart Products Co., Ltd. in the Industrial Bank Zhigu Science and Technology Park of the Sanhe Development Zone recently. Real-life shooting of the real scene felt in the snowmaking experience room. “It is an in-room snow blower manufactured by the company, because the snow blower has a good snow-making effect, and the industry has great prospects.” said Lu Zhizhi, the company’s production line leader.


Painfully determined in exchange for “beautiful ecology”. According to the survey, since 2017, Langfang has not only withdrawn 22.54 million tons of steel production capacity, but also completed the overall goal of “no steel market” in the province; at the same time, it has implemented the “scattered and polluted” enterprise governance of 16,000 enterprises, which has caused excess capacity in one fell swoop. Completed milestone clearance with environmental pollution enterprises; carried out black and odorous water remediation in all urban areas, implemented green planting and green protection in an area of more than 150 square kilometers, and the city’s tree penetration rate reached 35%; won the title of “National Forest City” At the same time, 3 rivers won the title of “Beautiful Lakes and Rivers” in the province.