Amusing: Eating Tangyuan on the Ski Resort

On February 4, the 7th Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports Carnival and the 9th National Mass Ice and Snow Season, hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Federation, opened at the Shanglianggang Ski Resort in Ningbo. More than 200 ski enthusiasts participated in the event.

The event site is very lively. The organizers also cooked tangyuan to add leaven to the event. Tourists from Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and other places enjoy the special treatment of “eating tangyuan to ski”. A tourist said: what you eat is tangyuan, and what you feel is tuanyuan (reunion). The competition items are also very interesting, including the competition of holding tangyuan in the snow, guessing lantern riddles, and the competition of erecting eggs on the curling table. The combination of ice and snow projects and the Chinese drive festival Lantern Festival makes everything more meaningful.

It is understood that the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has brought many tourists to ice and snow places. Since the beginning of the ski season in December last year, the popularity of resort areas characterized by sports and leisure such as skiing has continued to be hot, and the Spring Festival holiday is even more difficult to obtain. The income of the Spring Festival holiday has reached more than 7 million yuan, and the number of visitors has reached nearly 30000 yuan.

The seven consecutive ice and snow sports carnivals in Zhejiang Province have also witnessed the enthusiasm of Zhejiang social forces to set up ice and snow venues and sports enthusiasts to participate in ice and snow sports. At present, there are 16 ski resorts and more than 10 skating rinks in Zhejiang Province. The vigorous development of ice and snow sports has led to the rapid formation and extension of the ice and snow industry chain. “Ice and snow tourism” has become a new consumption mode in the province, which vividly explains that even in the southern provinces, “ice and snow are also golden mountains and silver mountains”.

We learned from the organizers that the 7th Ice and Snow Sports Carnival is expected to hold 6-8 stops. Next, it will be held in Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Lishui, Taizhou and other places. Cross-city participation in the Ice and Snow Sports Carnival may become a new expectation and fashion.