Focusun will Participate in 2023 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo

The 2023 Harbin Ice & Snow Expo will be held in Harbin on March 17, and Focusun will participate in it. The exhibited product is snow falling machine. The introduction of snow falling machine is as follows.

The snow produced by Focusun’s snow falling machine feels cold and looks like natural snow. It can realize the effect of flying all over the sky. Snow falling machine uses tap water as raw material, through compression refrigeration, supplemented by Focusun’s excellent snowflake clutch technology, to form highly simulated artificial snow, with a maximum daily output of 40 cubic meters. If place the equipment at a height of 3-5 meters, the natural snowflake can be realized. The equipment is not limited by the ambient temperature, inlet water temperature and air humidity, and can achieve stable snowfall in the four seasons above and below zero.

Equipment structure: The machine is based on modular design, so it is easy to operate, clean and maintain. The main body of snow falling machine includes indoor snow maker (evaporator), refrigeration unit and electrical control box.

Principle: After the refrigeration unit is running, the refrigerant will gather and flow in the indoor snow maker (evaporator), so that the water adhered to the outer wall of the three circular rollers of the snow maker will quickly freeze. The ice knife located above will cut the ice on the rotating roller to form snowflakes and fall freely, thus producing the effect of snowflakes flying.

Intelligent operation mode: Each Focusun snow falling machine is equipped with an independent remote control, which is convenient to operate. The snow falling machine has three modes: light snow, medium snow and heavy snow, which can be adjusted according to actual requirements. The light mode can adjust different light colors, so the snow produced is not only white, but also can be used to change various colors, bringing people a wonderful visual experience.

Applicable places: indoor ice and snow park, floating snow hot spring, zoo, snow theme bar, coffee shop, bath center snow sauna, floating snow cottage outdoor shop, Christmas floating snow activities, floating snow art landscape.

Five characteristics of Focusun snow falling machine:

  1. No glycol refrigeration unit is required, and the environment-friendly Freon compression type direct cooling technology is adopted, with high cost performance.
  2. The snow is fluffy and closer to natural snow. Whether it’s snowman or skiing, the experience is overwhelming.
  3. Large output, 40 cubic meters of snow can be produced per day, which can meet the indoor skiing or ice park with high demand for snow.
  4. The speed of snow making is fast, and the normal snow making can be carried out after 3 minutes of starting time.
  5. There is no need to equip with a snow conveying device. The snowflakes fall vertically from the snow-making equipment and fall from the sky, more like natural snow.