Focusun High-Temperature Snow-Making System

Focusun has always focused on how to produce snow that is close to natural snow, safe, low power consumption, and resistant to sliding and weathering. Through continuous efforts, high-temperature snow-making system and indoor snow falling system have been developed.

Focusun high-temperature snow making system: the equipment is ice crushing snow maker, and the raw material is flake ice or tube ice. The produced ice is crushed into powder through the ice crushing device, and the powdery ice crystals are blown out through the air conveying system, thus achieving the effect of drifting snow. The ice flake crushing snow maker can completely get rid of the dependence on the ambient temperature and humidity, and can make snow at+35 ° C, especially in the southern high-temperature areas.

Focusun indoor snow falling system: the raw material is tap water, through compression refrigeration, supplemented by the excellent snowflake clutch technology, to form highly simulated artificial snow, with a maximum daily output of 40 cubic meters. If the equipment is placed at a height of 3-5 meters, the natural snowflake can be realized. The equipment is not limited by the ambient temperature, inlet water temperature and air humidity, and can achieve stable snowfall in the four seasons above and below zero.

The snow produced by the artificial snow making system feels cold and looks like natural snow. It can realize the effect of flying all over the sky. Compared with natural snow, artificial snow is also easy to maintain the quality of snow for a long time. And the snow machine is based on modular design, so it is easy to operate, clean and maintain.