Snow Making in South High Temperature Areas

In China, it is common for northern regions to snow in winter, while southern regions rarely snow due to climate and geographical factors. The business in the southern ski market is booming, but for the same size ski resorts, the cost of making snow in the south ranges from 800,000 to 5 million yuan, and the high operating costs directly drive up the ticket price of the southern ski resort.

Currently, skiing has become a popular sport, and the use of snow quality standards for skiing produced by snowmakers can involve more people through the construction of ski resorts. Can snowmakers make snow for southern regions? What environmental conditions do snow makers need to meet to produce snow?

  1. Temperature

Generally speaking, snow makers need to reach an ambient temperature of 0 ℃ or below to make snow. Otherwise, at high temperatures, they will not produce snow but water mist.

  1. Humidity

In terms of humidity, snow can generally be produced as long as it is not raining or snowing.

  1. Inlet water temperature

The water temperature should preferably be controlled at 0-5 ℃. Some ski resorts want to use well water to make snow, but the water temperature tends to be high, requiring the construction of cooling pools to cool down.

Focusun has been studying how to make snow in the south under high temperatures. Through continuous efforts, high-temperature snow making systems and indoor falling snow systems have been developed. The snow produced by Ferguson’s artificial snow making system is close to natural snow, safe, non-toxic, low power consumption, skid resistant, and chemical resistant, meeting the snow quality standards for skiing.