Focusun Shares High-temperature Snow Making Technology: Stunning Harbin Ice & Snow Expo

On March 17-19, Ferguson attended the 2023 Harbin Ice and Snow Expo with a floating snow machine. At the exhibition, Ferguson deeply communicated with people from all walks of life and discussed the ice and snow world together. Among them, the floating snow machine at the exhibition has attracted the attention of many visitors, breaking the impression of traditional snow machines, with both practicality and aesthetics.

After the opening ceremony on the 17th, Ferguson attended the award ceremony for “Favorite Ice and Snow Products” and was shortlisted for the award.

During the exhibition, the first stop of the city leaders’ inspection came to Ferguson, and we explained the exhibits of this time – the floating snow machine. Using tap water as the raw material, Ferguson’s Snow Drifting Machine uses compression refrigeration, supplemented by Ferguson’s excellent snow clutch technology, to form highly simulated artificial snow, with a maximum daily output of up to 40 cubic meters. If the device is placed at a height of 3-5 meters, it can achieve a natural snowflake drifting.

The snow making speed of the floating snow machine is very fast. Generally, it can make snow within two minutes after starting up, and the snow is also very uniform. In addition, each snow machine is equipped with an independent remote control for easy operation. The floating snow machine is equipped with three modes: light snow, medium snow, and heavy snow, which can be adjusted according to actual requirements. The light mode can adjust different light colors, so the snow generated can not only be white, but also use the light to change various colors, which is very beautiful.

Mr. Yu, Chairman of Focusun, also attended the Harbin International Ice and Snow Economic Development Summit Forum and was invited to give a speech. Mr. Yu explained to us the conditions for low-temperature snow making, the principles and characteristics of high-temperature snow making, centering on “How to promote high-quality development of the ice and snow industry in the post Olympic era”. For a long time, there has been no legal snow in the southern region under high temperature conditions, and ski resorts can only be abandoned in summer. According to a survey, the cost of snowmaking in the south of ski resorts of the same size ranges from 800000 to 5 million yuan.

Focusun’s high-temperature snow maker has no restrictions on ambient temperature, air humidity, and inlet water temperature. It can achieve stable snow production above zero, below zero, and throughout the four seasons, especially suitable for snow production in high-temperature areas in the south. Artificial snow meets the snow quality requirements for skiing, and compared to natural snow, it is skid resistant and chemical resistant, which can bring huge benefits to ski resorts and businesses.

Focusun has provided high-quality equipment and professional services to over 22000 customers in 88 countries worldwide, relying on years of accumulated technology and experience, and utilizing advanced refrigeration and mechanical transmission technology. The equipment produced by Ferguson has been widely used in medicine, chemical industry, aquaculture, sports, aviation, catering industry, entertainment and other fields and has received widespread praise.

Ferguson is willing to share with you the advanced research achievements in the field of high-temperature snow and ice making, and make contributions to the refrigeration industry of mankind together.