A Good Start! 2.29 million tourists visited Yanqing after the Winter Olympics

In the first quarter of this year, the cultural and tourism consumption market in Yanqing District achieved a “good start”. With the help of the post Winter Olympics, Yanqing received a total of 2.287 million tourists and achieved a tourism revenue of 260 million yuan during the 2022-2023 snow season.

As one of the three major competition areas for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Yanqing Olympic Park has become a popular destination for the 2022-2023 snow season. “Xuefeiyan”, as the earliest, longest, and highest standard ski track of the National Alpine Ski Center in the city, has been a check-in place for many skiing enthusiasts since its opening in the winter of 2022. Many tourists come here to experience the same heartbeat of the Winter Olympics athletes.

On January 17th, “Xueyoulong” of the National Snowy and Ski Center launched the “Winter Olympics Track Experience Project” for the public, attracting many citizens to experience the fast speed of “F1 on the ice”. Especially on February 4, the first anniversary of the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games coincided with the Beginning of Spring, the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival and the weekend holidays. Yanqing Olympic Park ushered in the largest passenger flow since its opening, receiving nearly 4000 tourists on a single day. According to statistics, during the snow season from 2022 to 2023, the Yanqing Olympic Park received nearly 120000 tourists in total.

“Xuefeiyan” and “Xueyoulong” have made a strong debut in the market, and Yanqing’s global ice and snow tourism is also hot. In the first snow season after the Winter Olympics, the cultural and tourism night economy has become a new growth pole for global tourism.

On the evening of January 15th, the 2023 Beijing Shiyuan Lantern Art Festival opened, with 170 sets and 3900 lanterns shining brightly in the park. The hexagonal palace lamps and square pavilion lamps showcase traditional flavors, while cartoon lanterns and float parades lead the fashion trend. The Lantern Art Festival will continue until October 15th, spanning four seasons and lasting for a total of 274 days. As of now, it has received nearly 300000 tourists in total.